Polished in Pink

Ladies and gents announcement: pink is no longer just for frills and flowers - pink has grown up and is better than ever. While we often associate pink with Barbie and My Little Pony this season pink has made a very sophisticated rebound. Pale pink especially has become the perfect modern touch of color in your house or wardrobe. We know that pink can be overwhelming to add into a space but here are some easy solutions to make your space pop. 

Throw Pillows: I am telling you a great throw pillow can transform a piece of furniture. We especially love this lush Peony Silk Velvet Pillow. It goes with grey, black, tan, white and basically any neutral plus it's super fun but sophisticated. 

Tray Time: Trays are beautiful things because they help you organize a table, create a center piece and are a great decorative element. A pink tray is bright, happy and will lighten up your display whether on a table, bookcase, or any spot you need some extra va-va-voom.

Vase Variety: A great vase can go anywhere. Vases are beautiful and inviting while being both sculptural and functional. This Ruby Gemme Vase is especially stunning because of its ombre effect. This pink glass vase goes well with flowers, tile, wood and looks effortlessly mature.

Classic Chairs: If you want to go bold a pink chair is the way to go. A pink chair adds the perfect amount of zeal to a room and makes a space look modern and relaxed. Even if you have an older chair that needs an update, a great pink fabric will make it easily look more modern. Simple single-shade fabrics work best, pink prints are hard to pull off but can be stunning if they really go with the room. Let's just say, you will make a statement by going pink this season. 

P.S. Can we please go to the Pink Sand Beach? How incredible would that be? Alas, a girl can dream!