Warby Parker Whimsy

Warby Parker, the iconic glasses brand, is known for creating specs with personality and spunk. They love to celebrate individuality and creativity almost as much as we do. So, in celebration of the Warby Parker Store opening in Atlanta and the release of their new spring collection, which we love, it's time to see what makes you unique. Check out some of these awesome glasses below and tell us which pair fits you! 

The Social Butterfly

If the Daisy Aurelia Tortoise has caught your eye then you, my dear, are the playful 'Social Butterfly'. You love to invite people into your home, welcoming them with bright colors and fun patterns. You are not afraid of going bold reflecting your sparkling personality.You have confidence in who you are, what you do, and the life you live. You are bright, playful and fun but most importantly true to yourself. 

The Thinker

If this black beauty, the Arthur Jet Black, draws you in you must be 'The Thinker'. You love to sit back and listen then get down to business. You are cool and calm under pressure but outgoing when needed. You appreciate the importance of classic simplicity in your home. The thought and effort you have put into your style shows and you attract people who are the same way. Your glasses say it all so you can sit back and think things through. 

The Artist

These funky, clear beauties, known as the Haskell Crystal, are all the rage if you are 'The Artist'. Smooth, sophisticated, and edgy these glasses are the epitome of function and form. They go with every ensemble no matter how many patterns you decide to wear or how engulfed you are in moody black layers. The Artist loves to add a unique flair to their spaces incorporating new materials, textures and design features to inspire them on the daily. No matter how much their style may change, The Artist always knows their Warby Parker's will stay with them and get the job done.     

The Book Worm

If you've read into these sophisticated spectacles you may know that the Burnt Lemon Tortoise is just the look for you, 'The Book Worm'. These glasses give old fashioned librarian a new hip twist and are perfect for the nights you have tucked in bed with a good book. However, just like you, these glasses transition easily from day to night and like to have some fun. Although your life might not be a fairytale, The Book Worm knows how to make a space feel like their castle. They love to add layers of fun while still keeping true to the classics. The Book Worm knows that in order to make life great you need to create your own unique story and style.  

The Confidant

Don't worry we won't tell if your new obsession is the Brooks Striped Pacific, a classic if you are 'The Confidant'. These sleek, stylish specs are inviting and know how to keep you looking good no matter what's thrown your way. The Confidant is a good friend, always there when needed and knows how to calm down a situation. They bring peace and balance into everyday life and are stable in who they are. The Confidant's style is mature, elegant, and beautiful. They always see the best in life and make things happier along the way. If you are The Confidant you'll be happy to know that you will surely see things clearly through these new lenses.