Iron Window: A Sketch Comes to Life

One of our favorite clients is building a beautiful home from the ground, and we have the pleasure of working along with them! It's always wonderful to watch your designs come to life before your eyes. Our client just installed an incredible iron window in the main room, giving a glowing natural light and a change from traditional window panes. Here, our idea transferred from paper to home beautifully.

The original sketch - different options for the homeowners.

The original sketch - different options for the homeowners.

The final product!

The final product! a few more iron windows/doors for inspiration!

Red, White, & Summer Blue

Fourth of July is right around the corner, and just in time for Suzanne Kasler and Les Cole's latest home. Architectural Digest showcased the beautiful creation on the coast of Maine for a Georgia family, filled with white + blue. The design world is in love, for obvious reasons... see for yourself!

The open-aired living room.

The open-aired living room.

The nautical kids' room.

The nautical kids' room.

The breezy porch of our dreams.

The breezy porch of our dreams.

Building off the white and blue, we found our favorite collection of homes who stay patriotic year round, using a combination of fresh and vintage inspiration.

Photographs via William Waldron (Architectural Digest), House Beautiful, and Meredith Heron.

Think Pink.

It's that week of the year again... Love it or hate it, single or taken, Valentine's Day is almost here!  To those of us at Sande Beck Design, it makes us think pink.  Here are some of our favorite pink design inspirations.

 Enjoy your Valentine's Day- we hope that you get to celebrate with those that you love!

Leopard Love

As I am writing this post, I have just counted 4 rooms in my own home that have a pop leopard somewhere...  Whether in true leopard colors or hot pink, gray and red like the pillows in my play room, it is timeless and just seems to make a room more fun!  What about your house- In how many rooms do you have leopard love?

The Look: New Years Eve

New Years Eve is upon us! This is one of my favorite times of year because it's full of celebration, excitement, and new possibilities. It's time to start the new year with reasonable resolutions and an absolutely stunning outfit! Whether you want to go sophisticated in the traditional Little Black Dress or sparkly and sexy in a great two piece look - New Years is the time to shine! Here are a few of our favorites to dazzle over and some stunning makeup to go with both  - which would you dare to wear?

A Not So Traditional Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all! Sorry this post is coming a little late but Christmas was spent with family and friends not on the computer this year. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday full of joy and cheer. This season we were inspired by a black, white and red christmas theme - so simple yet stunning and powerful. Tell us what you did for christmas - we'd love to here! 


The Sande Beck Team


The Thankful Table

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! It's finally here and we are all ready to stuff our faces and gently fall asleep watching football. Oh, I can't wait! This has been a truly incredible year and we are so thankful for everyone that we have worked with. We have the most amazing clients, the best vendors, great installation staff, and of course wonderful coworkers. It doesn't get much better! 

So to thank everyone for all of there hard work here are some beautiful thanksgiving table ideas to make your holiday truly special! 

xoxo, The Sande Beck Design Team

The Chicest Holiday Table Trend: Gold

Thanksgiving is now officially 11 days away and you know what that means. The final holiday rush is underway! What will I cook? Who's brining what? How should I decorate? So many things to do, so little time. However, no need to fear about making your table spectacular. After combing through all the holiday trends this year we have come up with our favorite, classiest Thanksgiving table look: Gold. Seriously there is no way to go wrong with a metallic mix-up! Give your classic centerpiece a modern twist by throwing some fresh greens, pinecones, and twigs into the Zara Home Metal Fruit Basket. Then set the table with the beautiful Molosco Dinner Service in white and gold, stunning gold flatware set, and gold lined linen napkins. Add some final golden touches along with fresh decorative herbs and you're table will be the best in town. You'll be sure to impress this season with a shiny, sparkly table almost as delightful as the meal itself.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

So, recently everywhere I look I can't help but see mirrors. Not just regular mirrors, amazing, over the top, out of this world oversized mirrors! Let's just say I'm a fan. While classic and elegant the oversized mirror ads drama and pizzaz to any room. There's a careful balance that comes into play when using a mirror as a center piece. You want to make sure that it appeals to the style and dimensions of the room and makes a statement with simple styling. While large gilded mirrors can go very Parisian chic, more modern frames can amplify a room to equally fashionable status. We are still on the search for the perfect vintage mirror but check out our recommendations below to get the look for less! 

Wallpaper is Back and Better than Ever

To start, this summer has flown by! I don't know about you but I seem to blink and 2 weeks have passed. However, these last couple months have been great over at Sande Beck Design headquarters. We worked tirelessly on many projects, especially preparing a whole house for a client moving from Atlanta to Sarasota. Everything from the floor to the ceiling was redone and it turned out beautifully! We went to Sarasota for the installation and had a blast, giddy with excitement like it was Christmas in July. It was a total success and all of us - 5 kids, 2 parents, 3 designers, and one dog - made it out alive and smiling! As we continue working on finishing up this project along with really digging into some exciting new ones, we just wanted to say thank you to our amazing clients! You really make it worth it and seeing the joy on your faces in a new space makes all the work and long hours fade away into total bliss.

But hey, enough of the sentimental feelings lets get down to business! This season we are so excited to see wallpaper coming back in fashion. Now to be clear, this isn't your grandmother's kind of wall covering. Exciting new prints, patterns, and imagery is becoming the favorite backdrop to the modern house. Whether it's an amazing accent wall or a whole room, this year is the time to go bold or go home. Whether you're fascinated by the Calico Collection's gold marbled wallpaper inspired by rare antique paper or the stunning green malachite wallpaper by Black Crow Studios, the best way to freshen up your home this season is to try it out. Wall paper may just add the perfect touch to your space -  and It's sure to make all your friends ooh and aww at your next dinner party.

Color Me Crazy

Summer is here, I can almost taste it! School is letting out, the temperature is rising, and everything is in full bloom. You know what that means? A house full of crazy kids, a million adventures, and a whole lot of...


We are so excited to share some of our brightest inspiration yet. We absolutely adore these fun uses of color throughout the home. While color can be young and fun, it is also sophisticated and stunning when used correctly. Although color can be scary to those of us who prefer neutrals it can also be a tool to harness in small or large doses. It can bring a room to life, accentuate an existing nook, or just invite a sense of playfulness into your everyday life. We can't wait share how we are using bold colors in our upcoming projects, keep checking the blog to see our progress soon!

Polished in Pink

Ladies and gents announcement: pink is no longer just for frills and flowers - pink has grown up and is better than ever. While we often associate pink with Barbie and My Little Pony this season pink has made a very sophisticated rebound. Pale pink especially has become the perfect modern touch of color in your house or wardrobe. We know that pink can be overwhelming to add into a space but here are some easy solutions to make your space pop. 

Throw Pillows: I am telling you a great throw pillow can transform a piece of furniture. We especially love this lush Peony Silk Velvet Pillow. It goes with grey, black, tan, white and basically any neutral plus it's super fun but sophisticated. 

Tray Time: Trays are beautiful things because they help you organize a table, create a center piece and are a great decorative element. A pink tray is bright, happy and will lighten up your display whether on a table, bookcase, or any spot you need some extra va-va-voom.

Vase Variety: A great vase can go anywhere. Vases are beautiful and inviting while being both sculptural and functional. This Ruby Gemme Vase is especially stunning because of its ombre effect. This pink glass vase goes well with flowers, tile, wood and looks effortlessly mature.

Classic Chairs: If you want to go bold a pink chair is the way to go. A pink chair adds the perfect amount of zeal to a room and makes a space look modern and relaxed. Even if you have an older chair that needs an update, a great pink fabric will make it easily look more modern. Simple single-shade fabrics work best, pink prints are hard to pull off but can be stunning if they really go with the room. Let's just say, you will make a statement by going pink this season. 

P.S. Can we please go to the Pink Sand Beach? How incredible would that be? Alas, a girl can dream!

Warby Parker Whimsy

Warby Parker, the iconic glasses brand, is known for creating specs with personality and spunk. They love to celebrate individuality and creativity almost as much as we do. So, in celebration of the Warby Parker Store opening in Atlanta and the release of their new spring collection, which we love, it's time to see what makes you unique. Check out some of these awesome glasses below and tell us which pair fits you! 

The Social Butterfly

If the Daisy Aurelia Tortoise has caught your eye then you, my dear, are the playful 'Social Butterfly'. You love to invite people into your home, welcoming them with bright colors and fun patterns. You are not afraid of going bold reflecting your sparkling personality.You have confidence in who you are, what you do, and the life you live. You are bright, playful and fun but most importantly true to yourself. 

The Thinker

If this black beauty, the Arthur Jet Black, draws you in you must be 'The Thinker'. You love to sit back and listen then get down to business. You are cool and calm under pressure but outgoing when needed. You appreciate the importance of classic simplicity in your home. The thought and effort you have put into your style shows and you attract people who are the same way. Your glasses say it all so you can sit back and think things through. 

The Artist

These funky, clear beauties, known as the Haskell Crystal, are all the rage if you are 'The Artist'. Smooth, sophisticated, and edgy these glasses are the epitome of function and form. They go with every ensemble no matter how many patterns you decide to wear or how engulfed you are in moody black layers. The Artist loves to add a unique flair to their spaces incorporating new materials, textures and design features to inspire them on the daily. No matter how much their style may change, The Artist always knows their Warby Parker's will stay with them and get the job done.     

The Book Worm

If you've read into these sophisticated spectacles you may know that the Burnt Lemon Tortoise is just the look for you, 'The Book Worm'. These glasses give old fashioned librarian a new hip twist and are perfect for the nights you have tucked in bed with a good book. However, just like you, these glasses transition easily from day to night and like to have some fun. Although your life might not be a fairytale, The Book Worm knows how to make a space feel like their castle. They love to add layers of fun while still keeping true to the classics. The Book Worm knows that in order to make life great you need to create your own unique story and style.  

The Confidant

Don't worry we won't tell if your new obsession is the Brooks Striped Pacific, a classic if you are 'The Confidant'. These sleek, stylish specs are inviting and know how to keep you looking good no matter what's thrown your way. The Confidant is a good friend, always there when needed and knows how to calm down a situation. They bring peace and balance into everyday life and are stable in who they are. The Confidant's style is mature, elegant, and beautiful. They always see the best in life and make things happier along the way. If you are The Confidant you'll be happy to know that you will surely see things clearly through these new lenses. 

Dreaming of Paris

How can you not love Paris? The city of love home to the eiffel tower, amazing street style, and most importantly heavenly croissants is on the top of our bucket lists. Today we are taking a page from Parisian style and getting inspired by minimalist design, white and black contrast, and an effortlessly chic look. As much as we love bright color at Sande Beck Design, black and white are really the go to when you want something to look crisp, clean, elegant, and modern. No matter whether it's a room (check out some of our favorite Parisian apartments) or an outfit, black and white are staples in the design world. However, have fun and throw a pop of color in, make the look your own. The magic of black and white is that it goes with anything! Do as the Parisian do and go minimal this spring, you might just find a little goes a long way.  


Spring is a time of transition. The mantra 'in with the new and out with the old' beats in our ears when we see the first blooms of spring. While we easily trade out our black ensembles for sweaters and shorts, it's a little harder to transition your home from winter to spring. Our little trick, gray is your best friend. While black and white are always classic, add in a dash of gray and it will instantly brighten up a space. We love gray because it's the neutral you never thought about. It goes with everything and is effortlessly chic! So, next time you are looking for a way to transition your home from season to season go gray. Try adding a great gray throw (we especially love the one pictured below from One Kings Lane that's currently 75% off), change up your wallpaper for a sleek metallic grey, paint your cabinets, or add a new ottoman. Now that gray is (hopefully) your new partner in crime, let us know how you use it in your space! 

Would You Rather?

At Sande Beck Design it's not just about interiors, it's about a lifestyle! We are equally inspired by fashion, furniture, nature and life experiences. Let's see what you're loving this spring and what you would rather splurge on.